Dr. Md. Iqbal Hossain

A Brief History of Da’wah & Islamic Studies


Da’wah and Islamic Studies Department is one of the first four departments of the university. The Department of D`awah & Islamic Studies launched its academic activities on 28th June 1986 with 75 students in Gazipur Campus. From the day of inception, the department was named ` Ulumut Tawhid Wad Da’wah’.  Four sessions students were admitted under said name. In the context of Bangladesh, the name ‘Ulumut Tawhid wad D`awah’ was completely new, that`s way 14th Academic Council on 14/7/92 approved amended new name of the department “Da`wah and Islamic Studies” according to the demand of the job market. Honorable Chancellor and the Prime minister of Bangladesh (that time Prime Minister was the Chancellor of the university, Now Chancellor of the University Honorable Excellency President of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh) was approved new name 7th November 1992. After approval of the chancellor acting registrar of the University Dr. Razaul Karim issued the final notification for the changed name of the department “Da`wah and Islamic Studies” on 6/3/93 whose ref. No. 67 / Edu / Eb-93/738. Since then, the graduate of department has been working in the country and abroad with goodwill. Contribution of the alumni’s of the department to enhance nation’sethical leadership and socio-economic development are significant.

Vision of the  programs of the Department

To Create Skilled Manpower Based on Islamic Values

 Objectives of the Programs of the Department

  1. To provide Basic Principles of Al-Quran and Hadith
  2. To provide fundamental knowledge of Da`wah.
  3. To provide Knowledge of Shirk free Aqidah.
  4. To provide need based education.
  5. To provide advanced knowledge on Islamic School and work for unity
  6. To provide Fundamental Knowledge of Comparative Religion
  7. To provide knowledge regarding research.
  8. To provide knowledge about the Muslim Worlds and its contemporary issues.

History of the Islamic University, Bangladesh

Islamic University is one of the main government universities in Bangladesh and the largest seat of higher education in the south-west part of the country. It is 7th University in the country and 1st university  after Independence of Bangladesh  It is a major international center for an excellent integration of Islamic Studies with the General Studies and Studies of Modern Science , Technology and Engineering. The university provides both the local and foreign students with the facilities of undergraduate studies, postgraduate research and teaching. The standard of teaching is high and the facilities both for academic and extracurricular activities are of good quality. It is a campus oriented university, where the academic and administrative buildings, residential halls and gymnasium, central cafeteria and auditorium all are on one

self-contained 175-acre site at Shantidanga-Dulalpur, beside the Kushtia-Khulna highway and about 24 kms south and 22 kms north of respectively the Kushtia and Jhenidah district-towns. Islamic University, having started its academic activities on June 28, 1986 now has about 15 thousand regular students studying in 33 Academic Departments under five Faculties. The main objective for establishing Islamic University is “to provide for instruction in theology and other fields of Islamic Studies and comparative jurisprudence and such other branches of learning at Graduatge and Postgraduate level as the University may think fit and make provision for research including Post-Doctorate research and training for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge”. [Clause 5(a), The Islamic University Act 1980(37)] The University should also be considered as the affiliating authority of the Fazil and Kamil Madrasahs and shall exercise all the powers conferred on it by or under this Act. [Clause 4(2) of Islamic University (Amendment) Act, 2006]